“Tuff” Jack-O-Plymouth Road Runner rocks on Halloween

Though it’s late on Halloween we figured a demonic Plymouth Road Runner finished in pumpkin orange and semi-gloss black was worth posting to celebrate the waning minutes of America’s greatest Celtic animist holiday.

The scary side of "Beep! Beep!"

The scary side of “Beep! Beep!”

Feral Cars Field Scout Bonnie “Point & Shoot” Ruttan sent in these of shots of a kind of psychotic looking ’69 Plymouth Road Runner she encountered on the scary streets of Palm Springs.  We feel she really captured the spookiness of the moment.

Lovable "rake"

Lovable “rake”

We find the photography truly compelling as befits the MoPar muscle subject matter.  Dig those “dog dish” hubcaps!  It’s a coupe, not a swanky ‘hardtop’ or convertible. This is automotive menace on par with Bob Mitchum’s turn as Max Cady in Cape Fear.  This is as “bad-ass” as it gets.  This aesthetic would call for a bench seat in the front, not sporty buckets that conjure up European pretense of which this car has absolutely none to speak of.  When you hit the horn it makes a “beep! beep!” sound like the cartoon character.   They would never have thought of that in Stuttgart, Coventry, Crewe, Munich or even Dearborn.  This was built by the company that has a factory in a place called Poletown so some “out of the box” thinking is only to be expected.

Our hope is that it’s 4-speed manual but Chrysler’s three speed Torqueflite automatic is likely to shift quicker than you would yourself with a third pedal on the floorboard.  What about this Plymouth pumpkin’s innards?  More than likely a hot-rodded version of Chrysler’s 383 cubic inch (around 6.3 liters for you metric types) putting out 335hp and 425-lbs.ft. of torque.  That’s a lot of pumpkin juice because this grinning ghoul weighs only about 3400 lbs. Contrast this level of Día De Los Muertos-style skeletal sveltness to the girth of a 2015 Dodge Charger RT, Chrysler’s current working class-affordable (but barely) muscle car. The latter day Dodge has ‘porked up’ to almost 4400 pounds.

BOSS 'bird

Coyote p.o.v.

We love this candy corn-powered Plymouth and if you’d like to add one, in EXACTLY the same color scheme, to your fleet we suggest you part with a measly $38,900 and buy this one offered for sale in nearby Stratford, WI.

We’re on a high from all that candy and this commercial for the ’69 Road Runner featuring a lengthy passage of good ol’ Wyle E. Coyote vs. The Roadrunner animation, direct from the back lot in Burbank, only enhances the ongoing sugar rush.

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3 thoughts on ““Tuff” Jack-O-Plymouth Road Runner rocks on Halloween

  1. Byron Laursen

    I believe the taunting call of the road runner is actually “meep meep,” but really, wouldn’t the best possible horn sound be derived by sampling Junior Walker and the All Stars? “‘Cause when the dust hits my shoes, y’know I got the urge to move…”

  2. feralcars Post author

    ..and there was the Modern Lovers’ “Roadrunner,” unrelated to either Bo Diddley’s song of that title or the Junior Walker hit you cite. It definitely relates to this car when Jonathan Richman sings about it “going faster miles an hour.” Also covered by the Sex Pistols!


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