Red gets to choose her Halloween ride to Grandma’s

Not your grandmother's Oldsmobile

Not your grandmother’s Oldsmobile

Feral Cars friend and fan Amy got in touch with her inner Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween.  Before setting out for Grandma’s she had to choose between a slick ’64 Oldsmobile Starfire and and sensible ’74 Dodge Dart Custom.  The Olds was fielded at the time of the “personal luxury” explosion, an analog to Pontiac’s Grand Prix, though it was far less popular with just over 15,000 sold that year.

Dodge that Big Bad Wolf!

Dodge that Big Bad Wolf!

The Dart  was long in the tooth by the ’74 model year as it was, for the most part, an update on a car that had been introduced eleven years earlier.  Energy absorbing bumpers were fitted to comply with new federal safety standards but locomotion was provided by Chrysler’s fabled “Slant Six” motor that kept going, zombie style, long after it could have been declared dead.

Room for a whole pack of wolves

Room for a whole pack of wolves

Ultimately, “Red” chose the Olds in light of its 345 hp motor that helped her race away from the clutches of the Big Bad Wolf.  Then again, that “means business” look on her face has us convinced that she clobbered ol’ Wolfie and stuffed him in the Starfire’s very commodious trunk.

Speaking of scary stuff, check out this commercial for the ’64 Starfire in which the car is used to tow an intrepid hang glider.  Be afraid, be very afraid.  Equally scary is the asking price for this ’67 Dart GTS convertible.  Yes, it’s just one of five made and has just 37 miles (!!) on the odometer but $109,900 still seems frightening to us.

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