Keep your eye on the Camaro

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We know that Starsky & Hutch drove a Torino but this ’75 Camaro is a car worth singning about.  It’s in great condition except for a bent license plate and some road spray behind the front wheels but a real daily driver* and (mostly) not messed with.  Chevy had Ferrari styling specifically in mind for the second generation Camaro which was a big success especially in light of Ford ceding the pony car market it had created eleven years earlier. By this time the Mustang II was based on Pinto architecture and Mercury’s Cougar had moved up to a bigger platform to compete with Chevy’s Monte Carlo and the Pontiac Grand Prix.  Chrysler had dropped both the Barracuda and Challenger and AMC 86’d the Javelin, making Carmaro, and corporate sibling Firebird, just about the only game in Ponytown. Camaros of this era certainly look like muscle cars (especially this one with those butch wheels and tires) but the reality is that power was provided by one of two anemic 350 V8s or by a straight six that turned out a measly 105 hp.  Not so fast on the road but pretty impressive at curbside, no?

*What makes us so sure this is a daily driver?  Apart from the fact that it was parked overnight in front of an apartment building, the giveaway is the Sirius satellite radio antenna nestled in the cowl area next to the passenger side A-pillar. Howard Stern’s enduring appeal notwithstanding, who would install one of these and pay for the subscription if it were only driven for “show”?

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Here’s a look at a similar ’74, also yellow, being put through its paces back in the day for a whole lot of tire squealing but not a lot of “go.”

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One thought on “Keep your eye on the Camaro

  1. Byron Laursen

    Before the bigger checks started rolling in, George Lucas drove a Camaro. I always wondred if the Imperial Storm Trooper helmets in Star Wars owed a stylistic debt to a Camaro front end.


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