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Corona Extra

Scooting through the decades

Scooting through the decades

Toyota is one of the best-selling automotive bands in the world and currently holds a huge 14+% of US domestic market share. It wasn’t that long ago that the notion of a Japanese best seller was something of an alien — on multiple levels — notion.  Toyota’s earliest inroads were made in Southern California so it was appropriate that our recent sighting of a 1967 Corona sedan took place on the 10 Freeway near the Soto Street exit in East L.A.  This little car was all right angles, in literal sharp contrast to VW’s standard-bearing Beetle but got the job done with 90 hp on tap.

Japanese cars?  They'll never catch on!

Japanese cars? They’ll never catch on!

This one seems flawless and formal in black but we’re delighted it’s used in the real world and not just rolled out for cars shows.  Those original California black plates would seem to indicate that this little number is ultra-original.

Holy Land Cruising

Holy Land Cruising

Much, much, much farther afield is this Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 of similar vintage, shot by Feral Cars Field Scout Tim Merlis shot from — if you believe him — atop a camel in Wadi Rum, Jordan.  Tim notes that England’s Lawrence of Arabia may have liberated these realms from the Ottoman Empire but nary a Land Rover is seen these days.

Celica from hell-ica

Celica from hell-ica

Another Feral Cars Field Scout, Owen Husney, sent us this shot of a sad, ’73 Celica.  The cheesy landau style vinyl room betrayed the car by keeping moisture locked in and the result is this “corona” of roof rust.  This kind of neglect is not the benign kind.

Chased out

Fun in the Sunchaster or highway horror show?

Lastly, we offer a 1980 Celica-based Toyota Sunchaser, shot by Feral Cars Field Scout Rip Masters.  These were Sawzall conversions, authorized by Toyota, that turned Celica coupes into targa-topped quasi-convertibles.  It’s estimated that something like 2,000 cars got the pop top treatment but survivors are few and far between and it’s not clear this one is going to make it.

We love this TV spot for Toyota Corona where it drag races Art Arfon’s jet-powered Green Monster which held the world land speed record at 576 mph.

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Land Cruiser: Toyota’s big, bad bruiser

Such a face!

Such a face!  Does this look like the top half of a ’61 Rambler set down on a parade float to you? Thought so!

Feral Cars fan and Field Scout Kendell Shaffer found this immaculate ’79 Toyota Land Cruiser Series 55 and couldn’t resist sharing.  It’s a 4 wheel drive, narrow gauge proto-SUV powered by a  reverse engineered facsimile of Chevy’s “Stove Bolt 6” that has an international cult following.

Speaking of International, check out this Travelall-esque look.  Roll down tailgate window, too.

Speaking of International, check out this Travelall-esque look. Roll down tailgate window, too.

We have some far-flug Feral Cars Field Scouts but never one checking in from Peru.  That’s where FCFS Andrew Keeler found this ’64 Land Cruiser FJ40 which he was told was assembled there.  We think the wooden bumper was an aftermarket-sourced addition.  Are you listening SEMA?

Machu Picchu choo-choo

Machu Picchu choo-choo

The 50 year old Andean runabout was encountered on the way to most mystical Machu Picchu and here’s the guy who keeps this half century old motorized llama on the Inca Trail.

Alpaca powered!

Alpaca powered!

The thing about Toyota Land Cruisers is that they seem to hang in for the long run — a value proposition? Perhaps a value proposition if frill-free utility is a priority for you. Prices for non-trashed examples have been trending upwards so there’s investment potential to consider, as well.   How about a later Series 60 Land Cruiser like this ’85 with all ‘mod cons’ including air conditioning and doors and windows and brakes and the like?  The buy-in price is only going to go rise so don’t procrastinate.

TLC of the 80's

TLC of the Eight-Tees

Upright everything's all right, outtasite

Upright everything’s all right, outtasite

We think this flame red example would be just the thing for today’s hipster fire chief.  Hey, you’d certainly be noticed on your way to extinguish the smoldering embers of an industrial juicer with a short circuit.

Where's the fire?

Where’s the fire?

We love this early ’60s commercial where the full line of Land Cruisers models are put through their paces. It’s downright enthusiastic, without a trace of irony.  That red FJ40 going 85 on the freeway is scary!

Our friends at Bringatrailer are featuring a ’73 Series 55 with a Chevy 350 V8 transplanted and a 4-speed manual transmission.  $23,900 gets it.

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