Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Heaping helping of feral fun!

Heaping helping of feral fun!

Attention Feral Cars fans in the greater Los Angeles area! Here’s a chance to hobnob with all matter of old car kooks and their super duper hoopties at an event that’s tailor made for us.  Our pals at Great Autos of Yesteryear are throwing their annual Heaps of Fun car show at Woodley Park in lovely Van Nuys this Sunday, March 23.

We’ll be there with Der Blaue Engel, our 1970 VW Fastback with a perpetual slow leak in the left front tire.  Fall by and kibitz while we’re on the scene from about 10 AM to 1 PM.

Click here for directions to the park.  It’s that big green thing in the middle of the San Fernando Valley.  Enter on Victory and Woodley and have your nose follow the smells of BBQ and burnt pistons.

What do you think?