The Young Americans

Ramblin' on

Ramble on!

Feral Cars fan Bob Glaub captured this chunk style 1963 Rambler American 440 convertible the other day and we just couldn’t wait to share it.  The two-toning doesn’t do all that much to conceal its “breadbox” style that presaged the squared-off shape of such contemporary right angle Asian exemplars as the Scion Xb, Nissan Cube, Kia Soul and Honda Element.  This is just one of 4,750 American 440 convertibles built by AMC that year so it’s a safe bet that only a few hundred, at most, have survived.

Plain wrap 'bler

Plain wrap ‘bler

While soft top Rambler Americans were rare, sedans were quite common such as this unadorned beauty submitted by Feral Cars friend Steve Sultan.  Paradoxically, the fact that it’s deadly dull looking in its own stubby way makes it kind of exciting to behold now.

Younger American

Younger American

Steve found yet another American on the same street in Berkeley — something in the water?  This one is a ’64 sedan which wears a body styled by Dick Teague, the AMC designer who came up with the nifty AMX sports car a few years later.

Often an uphill battle for AMC

It was often an uphill battle for AMC

We referenced The Playmates’ “Beep Beep” the 1958 hit that chronicles the epic race between a “little Nash Rambler” and a Cadillac in this earlier post and now offer a Rambler reference from the reggae world.  Listen here to Max Romeo & The Upsetters’ “Norman” wherein the lyric, “Norman’s a gambler rides around in a Rambler with pretty girls in the back,” is employed to  great effect.  AMC irie!

Watch a rare commercial for the ’63 Ramber American 440H, touted as “The Young American,” with no apologies to David Bowie.

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