MoPar misfit

Nel blu diPlymouth di blu

For some unexplained reason, Chrysler dumped both the Plymouth Valiant and Dodge Dart and replaced them with the Volare and Aspen, respectively in 1976.  While they shared the bullet proof running gear of their predecessors there were, ahem, problems and massive recalls which were followed by Chrysler’s first federal bailout. But this one perseveres, peeling vinyl roof, et al, is inspirational on a certain level.  By the way, “nel blu dipinto di blu” translates  to “in the sky, painted blue” and you can hear the original 1958 version of “Volare” by Domenico Modugno right here.

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2 thoughts on “MoPar misfit

  1. Amy

    My grandfather had one of those in the ’80s. It was an old rusted bicket but it never stopped running

  2. Byron Laursen

    Little known fact: Volare was also the name of a rather short-lived gelato shop in Ocean City, NJ, founded by one Theresa Volpe Laursen. Shuffle those last two names together, throw out an excess vowel or consonant or two, and, viola, Volare!


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