Mercedes-based mutant is the work of a true visionary

Somewhere, Johnny Cash is smiling

Somewhere, Johnny Cash is smiling (note similar paint scheme of adjacent Mini. Coincidence? Perhaps not)

Meet James, the proud owner and, to a large extant, the creator of this fine automobile. It  started out in the mid-1990s as a run of the mill Mercedes Benz C280 sedan.  James, it seems, has a penchant for lily gilding, aggregating and doing his own thing that would definitely make him persona non grata in Stuttgart.  But this is America so why not let your creative juices and gonzo instincts run rampant?

Details, details..

Spoiler alert! James is In touch with his inner Earl Scheib

For reasons known only to James, he saw fit to “improve” his whip by grafting the nose of a late model Mercedes GLK sport utility onto the pedestrian C Class.  The height of the new nose didn’t correlate exactly with the altitude of the hood which has created a swayback look to the front end. It’s a very unexpected design feature that we found most impressive.

The side scoops were created by affixing a chunk of chrome ordinarily found on the rear of a Honda onto the lower front fenders. He’s also added some swanky fender flairs to the car and added red accents to the car’s original black body color.  We encountered James at a local hardware store where he was stocking up on black spray paint which he applied to the matte finish aluminum wheels in an effort to have the wheels match the tires and the bulk of the body.

There’s not much we can add to this post but to salute a guy whose personal quest for automotive distinction seems to know no bounds other than the parameters his own  imagination and, of course, a supply of Bondo® to hold his continuing efforts together.

We invite you to watch James work his special magic on the left rear wheel of his bespoke Benzo.  Behold the master at work in this video that is exclusive to FeralCars.   You are most welcome!

This commercial, set to the tune of “My Way,” aired on French TV when the C Class was launched in the early ’90s.  It serves as s commentary on James’s continuing efforts to personalize his car.  Indeed, he does it his way.

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