Faux Rizzo: Feral is the word

Pickup pick up?

Pickup pick up?

Feralcars.com friend Amy decided to become gum-snapping Grease character Betty Rizzo and went off in search of appropriate vehicular props for an All Hallows’ Eve photo shoot. Here she hits the running board of a nicely weathered ’53 Chevy 3100 half-ton pickup.

The future Mrs. Belvedere?

The future Mrs. Belvedere?

Next, “Rizzo” juxtaposed herself with a sweet ’65 Plymouth Belvedere’s hind quarters.  The rear fender “whip” antenna and the rolled up jeans are nice touches, no?

Rizzo's "Riv"

Rizzo’s “Riv”

Lastly, she found a really convincing ’69 Buick Riviera and struck a vertical “tough girl” pose in counterpoint to the Riv’s fastback styling.  You almost don’t notice that nasty front fender dent, do you?

Click here to see the “real” Rizzo, played by Stockard Channing, show up in a ’48 Studebaker with her fellow Pink Ladies to “rule the school.”

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