Monza mia! Vintage ‘Vair gets some back..

Cool Corvair custom cutie

Kinda nice ’63 Corvair Monza finished in Riverside Red  BUT.. yeah, but somebody made head rest nacelles a la Thunderbird Roadster of that era out of plywood.  No foolin’, either plywood or re-purposed particle board, wrapped in some kind of upholstrey-like vinyl covering (or is it high end contact paper?) constitutes the “Speed Racer” aspect of this one-off custom.  ’63s, like ’61s, ’62s and ’64s were each just minimal update of the original 1960 model year Corvair. Initially thought of as a VW deterrent, Corvair’s niche turned out to be more akin to Karman-Ghia’s or, even, low end British sports car (MG, Triumph, Sunbeam).  Then along came the Mustang and Ralph Nader and that was that.  Bonanza star Michael Landon sets it out on a suspension-busting cross country jaunt in one of these.

Ultra Vans — they made about 360 of them — were Corvair-based ‘miniwinnebagos.’ Self-powered (though agonizingly slow) you could drive, sleep, eat and — you know — in these thanks to both onboard  fresh and black water systems.  Yeah, you really want to be driving a Corvair-powered marshmallow around the county with a tank full of black water.  Amazing that Nader had nothing to say about this rolling bio hazard site.Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 10.08.18 PM

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