Cattle call: Maverick rode the Ford range when Falcon flew the coop

Feed lot Ford

Feed lot Ford

There are scads of surviving Mustangs choking our roads and filling Social Security Administration parking lots to this very day but Mavericks are few and far between.  Introduced as the successor to the Falcon, these fast back-ish tudor sedans were Ford’s riposte to Plymouth’s Duster and Chevy’s Vega.  Underneath that sleek, swoopy exterior were the guts of the predecessor Falcon on which, of course, Mustang was also based.  On the same platform, Ford built equine and bovine, not to mention peregine-themed products.  Quite a feat of bio-engineering!  Maverick showed up in 1969 and the Falcon nameplate was dispatched to the recycling bin of automotive history though it continues, uninterrupted, to this day in Australia for some reason.

Chia pet coupe

Chia pet coupe

We just love the patina on this ’71 Maverick, finished in multiple hues of moss-over-lichen and the fact that, after 43 years, it appears to be totally unmolested.

Horny Ford

Horny Ford

Maverick continued for 7 years and sold vast numbers though they’re not often seen these days. Bigger bumpers were mandated by mid-decade as evidenced by the massive energy absorbing appurtenances on this ’74 in a chalky shade of blue.  Photos by Feral Cars Scout Andrew Keeler.

Bumper thumper

Bumper thumper

Latter day 'rick

Latter day ‘rick

It must be noted that Falcon’s Mercury-branded sister-under-the-skin Comet continued as a badge-engineered version of the Maverick that was fitted with a bit of a protruding proboscis and some additional chrome accents.  Feral Cars Scout Steve Sultan captured this one just a few days ago, classing up a Berkeley street.


Visitor from the cosmos

We certainly don’t intend to give short shrift to the Maverick and Maverick-based Comet’s predecessors so here you go with a set of original Ford-built compact cars.  Feast your eyes on this 1961 Comet in black and a classy teal blue 1961 Falcon.  Roots, mon!

Mercury's slant on compact cars

Mercury’s slant on compact cars

There's a pony under those feathers

There’s a pony under those feathers

Check out this compilation of Maverick and Comet commercials.  The cougar kitten is a warm and fuzzy touch, no? The purchase price of $1,995 cited here equates to $12,200 today.  Still a deal!  Speaking of deals, check out this must-have Mav: a 48,000 mile cream puff in black for under $5K! 

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  1. Byron Laursen

    “Who is the tall dark stranger there?
    Maverick is the name.”
    Little-known fact: James Garner collected a royalty on every Maverick sold.
    Guaranteed little-known, as it was just concocted.


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